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For a strong appearance


Do you still plan your events without event tents?

We are certain: event tents simply always fit. They are as versatile as your requirements. Whether indoors or outdoors. In the afternoon or in the evening. At festivals, concerts or other outdoor events – you're sure to find the right event tent here. That's a promise. Thanks to the 100 % waterproof and fire-retardant textiles, you're on the safe side with Ecotent®.
Do you want to buy an event tent? No problem. We have pop up gazebos in all sizes and colours. Here, years of experience and know-how meet fresh design and a top price-performance ratio.

Row of 4x4 m black and lime tents with Ergon logo side walls at the Brixen Bike Festival
Red 3x3m gazebo, green 3x3m gazebo and white 6x3m gazebo at a folk festival in Germany
Blue 3x3m event gazebo with custom Citylauf print, with custom flag, closed side wall and half-height side wall with counter used as a refreshment stand at a city race
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Do you want to stand out? Printed event tents make it possible

With a customised print your event tent will be the ultimate eye-catcher. State-of-the-art printing processes turn your pop up gazebo into an impressive advertising medium. Printed event tents are an absolute highlight at any event. That's for sure. But you'd rather stand out with plain colours? No problem. Choose your favourite ones and combine them with each other or create a simple, monochrome gazebo. There are no limits to your imagination.

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Creative Ideas Creative Ideas
Photorealistic Motifs Photorealistic Motifs
We Produce Ourselves We Produce Ourselves
Always and everywhere

Event tent 3x3 m, an all-rounder for every event

Each type of event and the number of visitors require a different gazebo size. We offer pop up gazebos in 11 different sizes. The most popular event tent is the 3x3 m gazebo - with 9 m² of covered area, it is the ideal size for numerous events. Moreover, the low weight makes this event tent the perfect companion and a customised print turns it into a real eye-catcher. 
The two largest pop up gazebos in our range - the 8x4 m event tent and its "little brother" with 6x4 m - are particularly suitable for big events with many visitors. If you need an event bar or sales stand, the 4.5x3 m gazebo is a good choice.

And what suits your event?

Tent size that fit you purpose

Ready to walk a new path? The right tent size for your successful event.

Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour orange.
8x4 m
Folding gazebo 6x4 m in the colour red.
6x4 m
Folding gazebo 6x3 m in the colour yellow.
6x3 m
Folding gazebo 4x2 m in the colour light blue.
4x2 m
Folding gazebo 4.5x3 m in the colour dark blue.
4.5x3 m
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour bordeaux.
3x3 m
Folding gazebo 3x2 m in the colour black.
3x2 m
Folding gazebo 3x1.5 m in the colour light grey
3x1.5 m
Folding gazebo 2x2 m in the colour white.
2x2 m
Folding gazebo 1.5x1.5 m in the colour ecru.
1.5x1.5 m

3 criteria that speak for an event tent

We show you why gazebos are a must-have for event planners and why they are mostly part of their standard equipment:

  • Quick set-up: Why are pop up gazebos often used at events? Because they can be set up very quickly - without any tools. Thanks to this, you will have enough time to concentrate on other important things.
  • Rain protection and shade: Who hasn't experienced this? The event is in full swing and the weather is getting worse and worse. A reason to cancel it? Nonsense, waterproof and weatherproof pop up gazebos are the solution. All Ecotent® gazebos are 100 % waterproof. Moreover, the fabrics are UV-resistant and offer a shady spot even in blazing sun.
  • Easy to transport: No matter where you go. Effortless transport is the be-all and end-all. Thanks to the compact packing dimensions and the handy transport wheels, our pop up gazebos can be conveniently transported from A to B.
For all applications

1 brand, 3 quality series

Depending on the duration and frequency of use, you can choose one of the 3 tent series we offer. In the usual quality and for every budget. For event planners. For start-ups. For those who never stand still.

In case you need a large covered area

Event tents for concerts, festivals and other big events

Concerts and other big events usually use several event tents that fulfil different functions. While some waterproof gazebos are used as roofing for lighting and sound equipment, others serve as sales stands for merchandise products and catering. Event tents are also frequently used as shelter for admission control areas. With or without side panels - it depends entirely on the needs of the organiser.

Event tents for sports events

At sporting events, event tents have proven themselves as reliable shelters near the race track, as cabin for commentators or as start and finish tents. But also at smaller sporting events, club championships, children's festivals, playgrounds and city festivals, pop up gazebos shape the image of the event. In these cases they are mainly used to cover the referees, as changing rooms and retreats for athletes or for handing out start numbers. You can see for yourself: The possible applications are limitless.

White folding gazebos 8x4 and 6x4 m at a large event with many people at Alexanderplatz in Berlin


At large folk festivals, pop up gazebos often serve as ticket office and for admission control. At smaller festivals, on the other hand, they are often used to cover the guest area or a stage.

Elegant folding gazebo 8 x 4 m burgundy with gold decorations and decorative pole-covering curtains. The gazebo stands in a meadow and is used for the reception of an elegant event while people drink sparkling wine served by a waitress


Ja, ik wil. De evenementententen zijn ook uitermate geschikt voor bruiloftsfeesten. Als je ze voorziet van stijlvolle hoekgordijnen en een subtiele verlichting, creëren ze een dromerige sfeer. Met persoonlijke bedrukking op de zijwanden of op de achterwand zijn de mobiele vouwtenten ook goed te gebruiken als fotowand bij benefietgala's en andere feestelijke gelegenheden.

Side panels and accessories for every occasion

Our pop up gazebos are as unique as your event. Depending on the type of event, you can choose from a wide range of side panels and accessories with which you can optimally equip your event tent. Side panels in various models provide optimal all-round protection. Completely closed and opaque. With door. With window. For all those who love 360° solutions. You'll also find other matching accessories in our range: from practical counters to warming heating systems and rain gutters. Every event is going to be a success. Easy as pie.

The right accessories for your event

Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with closed side wall in ecru.
Light grey folding pavilion 3x3 m with light grey half-height side wall.
Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with orange side wall with door.
With Door
Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with dark blue side wall with window.
With Window
Beach flag
The man assembles the wooden counter on the folding gazebo.
The man attaches the LED strips to the folding gazebo.
LED strips
The transport wheels are attached to the folding gazebo.
Transport wheels "Large”
The woman attaches the 28 kg base plate to the folding gazebo.

Inflatable event tent vs. classic event tent.

The last 75 years have shown us that inflatable event tents are popular for events. However, they have also shown us that classic event tents are still preferred by event organisers. Why? Because classic event tents are easier to handle and have smaller dimensions, which means they can also be used indoors or where space is limited. Whilst at big concerts or festivals you’ll always have a power connection at your disposal and the (somewhat loud) noise caused by the continuous fan is not a problem, at weddings, sports events or indoor events this may be a problem. You still don't want to do without an inflatable event tent? Then check out our Zingerle Group product range. You will find a variety of inflatable advertising media under the Mastertent® brand. Simply contact one of our experts.

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Event tents directly from the manufacturer

Ecotent® event tents are made in Europe and based on 75 years of manufacturing experience. What does this mean for you? The answer is: many advantages. In addition to a robust pop up gazebo with a high-quality construction, you will benefit from product warranties and enjoy a number of advantages that only a manufacturer can offer:

  • High-quality materials
  • Robust construction
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Fire-retardant
  • Windproof
  • Many accessories
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Numerous certificates for the stability and durability of the materials.
Worker hand-assembles aluminium legs of an Ecotent folding tent

You would like to rent an event tent?

Do you really need your event tent only once? Then it is certainly cheaper to rent an event tent. But especially at events, catching everyone’s attention is crucial. Fresh colours, a cool design and individual printings make it possible. Do you really want to do without all this? There are a number of other criteria that speak in favour of buying a tent. We have compared the most important points for you.

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