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Ecotent® pool gazebos

A handy cover for your swimming pool

Looking for a mobile and user-friendly pool cover? What if you could achieve more with a single investment? A pool gazebo protects against both the weather and UV rays. This means that all swimmers, large and small, are well sheltered even at the hottest times of day. There's no need to install complicated and cumbersome covering systems: with a pop up gazebo, all it takes is two minutes and you're ready to dive in. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Ecotent pop up gazebos.

In just two minutes:

Swimming pool gazebo set-up

Ready to use in no time. Our pool gazebos are operational in just two minutes. With just a few simple operations. No tools required. Open the bag, pull up the gazebo, and you're done.

Step-by-step set-up
as big as you want it


This depends on the size of your pool and what you want to use the cover for. Do you want to cover the whole pool or just part of it, such as the part where children spend most time? Or perhaps you want to use it on the poolside for deck chairs and tables?

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Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour bordeaux.
3x3 m
Folding gazebo 4.5x3 m in the colour dark blue.
4.5x3 m
Folding gazebo 6x3 m in the colour yellow.
6x3 m
Folding gazebo 6x4 m in the colour red.
6x4 m
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour orange.
8x4 m


Optimal stability is only achieved when all the legs are straight. You also need to leave room for weights. It’s therefore advisable to choose a gazebo slightly larger than the diameter of the pool.

Configure your pool gazebo


Easy to maintain, UV-resistant, waterproof and stable. Easy to handle and quick to set up and pack away. Essential features to make your cover last for many summers outdoors. Quality is a decisive factor.

Many technical details, such as our anti-pinch safety system and patented peg construction system, make our Ecotent pop up gazebos even safer and prevent you, your family or your guests from getting hurt. The small size of these gazebos when closed also enables them to be easily stored anywhere during the cold season. Their lightweight means they can be moved quickly and effortlessly, and our special accessories make them extremely user-friendly and versatile.

Perhaps the most important feature in a pool gazebo is sun protection. With UPF 50+, an Ecotent gazebo can provide better protection from the sun than some garden umbrellas. (A pool tent is not a substitute for full protection with sun cream). In addition, splashing water or summer rain will never affect Ecotent gazebos: their anodised aluminium frames are rustproof!

Yet another advantage is their adjustable height. Conventional solutions are often static and therefore do not protect you when the sun is lower in the sky or moves during the day.

Waterproof Waterproof
Stable Stable
UV Protection UV Protection
Quick Assembly Quick Assembly
Colour palette with all Ecotent® fabric colours: white, ecru, yellow, orange, red, bordeaux, light blue, dark blue, green, light grey, dark grey and black, , as well as stone, sand and olive.


The choice of colour plays an important role in outdoor spaces. Indeed, it’s a well-known fact that colours like black or dark blue reflect less sunlight, so the temperature under the pop up gazebo will be slightly higher than under a white or ecru gazebo. Perfect if you want to warm the water but rather less so if you want to shade your poolside space.

Darker tones also hide dirt and dust better, but all our gazebos can be washed easily with warm water.

Brighter colours, on the other hand, are perfect for attracting attention at public pools or for dividing spaces into different areas.

Have you made your choice? 

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Make your pool gazebo unique with a nautical or seaside print. Write your slogan on it or print your AirBnB name or hotel or establishment logo. Our expert and ambitious graphics team will help you find the right design. 

Many personalisation options
The woman attaches the 10 kg base plate to the folding gazebo.
A pretty simple decision


The sun is shining and the water is calling! ... Unfortunately, however, an unpleasant wind or storm can ruin everything. You have two options: 1) pack away your pool gazebo quickly easily and set it up again once the storm is over, or 2) or fasten it securely. Our fastening kit with pegs, perfect for softer terrain, is a little yet big help. If there’s flooring beside or under the pool, your pop up gazebo can also be secured using weights specially designed to be placed over the gazebo feet. This way, the wind won’t have the advantage and the frame can stay open 24/7. (In very strong winds, we recommend packing away your gazebo.)

For a folding pool gazebo, no rail system needs to be installed. The costs are therefore lower, delivery is faster and the pool area maintains its original status.

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Wenn die Party etwas länger dauert. 


Our LED lights can be securely fastened and, thanks to their special battery, they don’t need to be connected to the electrical power supply so you can cool off after dark safely. Our sidewalls, configurable in four models, protect against wind, prying eyes or excessive sun. And that's not all...


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Our versatile POOL gazebo

Invite friends and family to a garden party or barbecue! A pop-up gazebo can be moved quickly from the pool to the patio or garden and then back to the pool after you’ve digested! In winter, it can be used as an outdoorshelter for your car. With one product, you can enjoy the advantages of many different applications all year round.

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